One frightening thing you may have heard about in the news are women who suddenly feel as if they ate something bad, head to the emergency room, and leave with a baby they didn’t know they were carrying.

This is highly unusual and in most cases, you’re going to have plenty of signs that tell you it’s time to go in for an official blood test to confirm that you’re pregnant.

The most common sign is a missed period. If you’re consistent with your menstrual cycle and you suddenly miss a month, you need to get an at home pregnancy test or come by the clinic and see if it confirms your suspicions.

Sometimes, it’s just an irregularity, so you may not be pregnant. And sometimes it’s too soon for an at home pregnancy test to confirm the diagnosis, so you may want to either wait one more month or go in for a blood test at this point.

Some women will have a very spotty period – or it might be very short compared to how their usual menstrual cycle works. Cramping is normal, too – and neither of these symptoms means you are miscarrying. It’s part of the implant process where the egg nestles into the lining of your uterus.

Initial symptoms may also include mood swings like crying or getting angry. Even extreme happiness can occur – because your hormones are all over the map. If you find yourself crying for no reason, it could be that you’re pregnant!

Some of the common symptoms of pregnancy mimic your menstrual cycle symptoms. Swollen, tender breasts are a good example of this. You probably experience this a week before your period as part of your PMS symptoms, but it happens when you become pregnant, too.

Think you might be pregnant? Come to our office on have a pregnancy test done to know for sure. Remember, we are BSideU For Life!