Did the news of an unplanned pregnancy take you completely by surprise? We know how difficult it can be to take in the news. Maybe you’re thinking…

  • I want out of this relationship
  • This will crush our parents
  • It’s not my body, it’s not my decision
  • I can’t be the father
  • I don’t want to deal with this
  • I’ll just support her in whatever decision she makes

Though the decision is up to your partner, you also have a say in this pregnancy decision moving forward. Your input matters.

Supporting Your Partner

Many men tend to be passive. Maybe you’re not sure what you think about abortion, are afraid to be a dad, or don’t want to interfere with your partner’s decision-making process. Maybe you are excited about the pregnancy but are unsure how to let your partner know.

This decision is most likely the weightiest decision you and your partner will ever have to make in your lives. With all the changes that come with pregnancy, your partner will value your support in the decision-making process. She needs to know that she isn’t alone.

What Should You Do?

  • Be there for her. Ask her how she is feeling. Treat her with kindness and sensitivity, even on a rough day. Offer her some crackers and soda to ease her nausea. Tell her that you two can come to a decision about what to do together.
  • Educate yourself on what is going on inside her body. Impress her with how you care about the changes she is experiencing. We can offer more information for you with this step.
  • Decide together.  Schedule an appointment here at BsideU. Come in together, and let us sit down and go over every option that is before you: abortion, adoption, and parenting. Write out a pros and cons list of each option.

Life Skills Education

Maybe you are already a dad and need support. Men need support when it comes to an unplanned pregnancy too! Contact us today for more information about our men’s group or to talk with one of the guys on our team. They know fatherhood and they are here to encourage and support you.

If you and your partner choose to parent, we also offer parenting classes to get ready for the excitement and responsibility that comes with fatherhood. You are stronger than you know. We can help.