You can always choose adoption for your baby, even after giving birth. As a birth mother, you have all the rights and privileges of an expectant woman placing her child for adoption

You can choose who will raise your child and the adoption plan that seems best to you. Learn more about adoption to see if it’s right for you and your child.

It’s Never Too Late to Choose Adoption

Perhaps you didn’t realize that caring for a newborn is as exhausting and time-consuming as it is. Or, you have other children and thought adding one more wouldn’t be so difficult. 

You love your baby and honestly had the best intentions when you brought them home. Friends and family all said they would be there to help you. But people haven’t been as reliable as you hoped.

Sometimes, babies are born with unseen health issues, and it feels like it’s more than you can physically, financially, and emotionally handle. We understand. It’s never too late to place your child for adoption.

Here’s How to Start the Adoption Process

Start with an adoption coordinator who can thoroughly counsel you so you will know what to expect. Choosing to place your child for adoption is a very emotional decision. You need a coordinator who will provide sensitive support and a listening ear. 

A reputable adoption agency or lawyer should never charge you for their services. Meet with a BsideU for Life team member to get referrals to excellent agencies.

Once you’ve chosen your coordinator, tell them what you are looking for in potential adoptive parents. They will show you bios of different couples who match your requests. 

Don’t be concerned if your baby is older or needs special care. There are many adoptive couples eager to adopt your child. The perfect ones are out there, and your coordinator will help you find them.

You also want to select the type of adoption plan that is best for you and your child. If you want to meet the couple and continue correspondence, choose an open or semi-open plan. Studies have shown that everyone benefits from having a more open relationship. 

However, you can also choose a closed adoption. This plan provides the most privacy, and if you need that, it may be your best choice.

Make Sure You Have Post-Adoption Counseling

A professional agency offers counseling before, during, and after you have placed your child with their adoptive family. Adoption is not a one-time decision. It is a lifetime choice, and you must know their support will continue.

Make sure you get connected with birth mother groups, like Brave Love, who will also support you. There is no stronger connection than meeting with other women who understand the difficulty of placing a child for adoption.

Here’s How BsideU for Life Can Help You

Although we do not place children for adoption or receive money for recommending a particular agency or lawyer, we can refer you to reputable adoption coordinators. We can also offer some insight into the benefits of placing your child for adoption or offer resources if you wish to continue parenting

Schedule a free and confidential appointment to talk with a caring team member. We’re on your side and ready to help you in any way possible.