Rarely circumstances may present when a mother’s life becomes endangered while pregnant. If life-saving treatment becomes necessary, it will not be legally denied. Legal treatment includes terminating a pregnancy if it has the potential to save the woman’s life, even in states that outlaw abortion.

Is Life-Saving Treatment Limited to States That Allow Abortion?

Life-saving treatment is not limited to only states that allow abortion. According to state laws, a woman’s life is treated with high priority, and medical intervention is legally given when her health becomes endangered.

In addition, this recent letter from the Health Secretary of Human Services, dated July 11th of this year, clearly states that it is legally acceptable for women to receive medical treatment and care whenever necessary.

Will Ectopic Pregnancies and Miscarriages Still Be Treated?

Yes, ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages are still to receive legal treatment and care. These are considered unavoidable pregnancy complications that risk the woman’s life. In such cases, care is expected and should continue to be given.

Some question if abortion and treatment for these conditions are the same. The actual conditions behind each do differ, however.

The University of Missouri School of Medicine states, “Induced, elective abortion is in contrast to spontaneous abortion, or miscarriage, in which the embryo or fetus is involuntarily expelled because of accidental trauma or disease.”

In reference to how abortion varies from an ectopic pregnancy, Dr.  Patricia Santiago-Munoz, M.D., says, “Ectopic pregnancy treatment is not the same as abortion. The medical definition of ‘abortion’ is the removal of an embryo and placenta from the uterus.” Ectopic pregnancies occur outside the uterus, which is not only a dangerous location for women’s health, but a place pregnancy cannot continue sustainability.   

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