Having an abortion is a stressful decision. It can have difficult side effects and potential risks. If you have already had an abortion and do not want to have another, you have options

Some women experience emotional issues after an abortion. If you are struggling, we offer free and confidential post-abortion support. Ask a member of our team for more information. Healing is possible.

What Are My Other Options?

You have two options other than abortion. Have you considered making an adoption plan? It may seem scary, but pursuing this option may be best for your situation once you understand the process and realize you have complete control.

You may also want to consider parenting. It may sound overwhelming, but you might be surprised by the support you can receive from us and our community.

Why Should I Consider Making an Adoption Plan?

Many myths and misunderstandings surround adoption. Adoption is very different today than it was in the past. Adoption professionals recognize the need for more significant counseling of women considering this option. Here are a few things about adoption you may not have known:

  • The expectant woman or birth mother can select the potential adoptive family
  • She chooses the type of adoption plan: open, semi-open, or closed
  • By selecting the adoptive parents and environment, she guides her child’s future
  • It costs her nothing to place her child for adoption
  • All medical and legal expenses are paid for her and her child
  • In Kentucky, it is possible to receive financial assistance for other pregnancy-related expenses as approved by the court
  • A birth mother in Kentucky must wait a minimum of 72 hours (3 days) before signing consent forms for adoption

Women who have the most satisfaction with their adoption choice say it was because the adoption coordinator thoroughly explained the process, and no one coerced them into choosing adoption. At BsideU for Life, we can give you more information and recommend reputable adoption agencies.

Can I Really Parent?

You can be a successful parent. But first, you have to take a closer look at the hard questions.

  • Will my partner or parents support me?
  • Can I parent and keep my job or continue my education?
  • Will I be able to support my child financially?
  • Can I provide a safe home environment for my child?
  • Am I emotionally prepared to raise a child?

Although we can’t answer these questions for you, we can provide you with the education and assistance you need to parent well. At BsideU for Life, we offer many free parenting resources. 

In addition to prenatal, pregnancy, and childbirth education, we offer material resources such as maternity and infant clothing and supplies. Our local community also assists, and we can refer you to many services.

What is My Next Step?

If you don’t want another abortion and would like to learn more about your other two options, contact us to set up a free and confidential appointment. An unexpected pregnancy is not a journey you should travel on your own.

Let us help you. We promise you will be our top priority because we are beside you for life.