Knowing how to support someone experiencing an unplanned pregnancy can be challenging. Here are a few great ways to offer the encouragement your friend needs:

  • Offer to help in practical ways.
  • Create a safe environment for them to share their feelings.
  • Show you care.

Offering Help

You’ll remind your friends that they’re loved and cared for by assisting in small, practical ways. Helping in these ways will also give them time to think about their pregnancy options without everyday distractions.

One way of helping can be to cook and to have dinner with them. Not only will this provide a meal but it will give you the opportunity to offer your friend a listening ear as she shares her thoughts and concerns.

Create A Safe Environment

Being purposeful about meeting in a place that will make them feel comfortable to share their emotions, thoughts, and concerns will go a long way.

Consider meeting them at their home or yours. Allow them to express their emotions without being subject to a public display and in a place where they don’t have to be concerned with how they look. This way, they can focus on planning their next step with clarity and can sift through their thoughts effectively.

Show You Care

Just being there shows you care. Use supportive words and be kind and encouraging in your interactions. You can help by providing your friend with the assurance that she is capable of great things. Remind her that you’ll be there to support her every step of the way!

Want To Learn More Ways To Help And Learn How To Provide Your Friend With Great Resources?

We’re here to offer guidance and share helpful steps you can take to support someone struggling with an unplanned pregnancy.

We can also provide more information on all her options and all the resources that may be available to her. Contact us today for a free complimentary appointment to get the assistance you and your friend need.

Thank you for caring deeply for your friend, going the extra mile, and being with her. The world is a better place because of caring people like you!