You just found out you’re pregnant, and it may literally feel like the end of the world for you right now. 

But, you actually have the power to choose what you do next and who you go to for support. Telling your parents could be the hardest part of the beginning stages of pregnancy – especially if they didn’t see this coming. 

Remember that we all face unexpected twists and turns in life. You are not alone. First, take a deep breath. Here are some tips on how to tell your parents the big news.

1. The Right Place at the Right Time

Timing is everything! Do your best to pick a convenient time and place to tell your parents you’re pregnant. Choose a time when they are off work and have the capacity to process it well. Also make sure it’s in a private place like their home so they feel comfortable and can be present with no distractions.

It’s best to tell your parents you’re pregnant in person and when they’re together if possible. We know how nerve-racking all of this can feel. Thinking about all these little details beforehand will make a big difference.

2. Let Them Respond 

It can be tempting when sharing this surprising news to take over the conversation in order to feel a sense of control – but try your best to leave them room to respond in their own way. Many young women are surprised by their parents’ responses – good or bad. 

It’s best to remember that they are just as much in shock as you were when you found out. Try to put yourself in their shoes and extend care and compassion. Give them room and time afterwards to process the news.

If you don’t feel safe telling your parents alone due to an expected angry response, take a trusted friend, relative, or partner. If you don’t feel safe going in person at all, tell them over the phone. You deserve to feel safe when taking this step.

3. Have a Pregnancy Plan

Lastly, before sharing the news with your parents, have a pregnancy plan in place so you are confident when speaking with them. You have three options: parenting, abortion, or adoption. If you’re still unsure, we can help educate you and navigate these options together. 

We also provide free and confidential pregnancy confirmation services so you can be sure and make an empowered choice for your pregnancy. 

Our compassionate team is here to support you today. No matter if your parents decide to support you or not, we are here for you.