Choosing to have an abortion is a life-changing decision. It can affect you mentally and physically for years, regardless of your reasons. Many women don’t want to repeat the procedure and wonder if they have other options. Why not look closely at making an adoption plan or check for available resources if you choose to parent? We’re happy to give you more information.

What About Placing Your Child For Adoption?

Sometimes, the child’s best interests include the difficult decision to place them for adoption. It sounds scary, but you can have complete control of the process. Adoption involves loss and grief similar to your other options, but you have the opportunity to build a relationship with your child.

Your first step is finding an adoption agency or specialist who provides compassionate and comprehensive adoption counseling. To have peace with this decision, you must fully understand the adoption process and not feel coerced.

Three Adoption Plans

There are three types of adoption plans: open, semi-open, and closed. As the birth mother, you choose the right plan for you. 

The majority of adoptions today are open or semi-open. The birth mother (and birth father, if available) receives letters, photos, or emails from the adoptive family. 

An open plan means communication is handled directly with one another. Your adoption agency handles all communication with a semi-open plan.

You Choose Who Will Raise Your Child

The birth parents can choose the potential adoptive couple with an open or semi-open plan. By searching the bios of qualified couples, you determine the life you want for your child. 

Pregnancy-Related Expenses Paid

No reputable adoption agency charges the birth parents for their services. However, it is possible to have some pregnancy-related expenses paid for. The most common expenses paid are the following:

  • Maternity-related medical and hospital costs  
  • Temporary living expenses of the mother during pregnancy  
  • Counseling fees  
  • Attorney and legal fees and guardian ad litem fees 

The courts can limit payments to “reasonable and customary” costs only. 

Before you make a decision about your pregnancy, get referrals to adoption agencies from us. 

Have You Considered Parenting?

Like your other options, parenthood is a life-altering decision. It is challenging but also extremely rewarding. You may question if you’re capable financially and emotionally to parent. We can discuss your situation and needs to help you decide if this is the right choice.

Ask yourself some of these questions:

  • What would I need to be prepared financially, emotionally, and physically to raise a child?
  • Will my parents or my partner assist me?
  • How will another baby affect my ability to care for the child(ren) I already have?
  • What are the services available to assist me?

Parenting is a big decision, but definitely possible. We offer free parenting resources and referrals to other assistance in our community. Talk with us to learn more about our help, like our maternity and infant clothing and supplies.

We Believe in Education

It doesn’t seem as overwhelming when you feel prepared for a situation. Our team believes you are a better parent when you understand the stages of pregnancy and parenting. We provide prenatal and parenting classes at no cost to you.

Take a closer look at everything available to you as you consider this option. If you haven’t confirmed your pregnancy yet, come to BsideU for Life for free and confidential pregnancy testing, a limited ultrasound, and STI testing and treatment

It’s easy to schedule an appointment. Just call or fill out our online form. How can we help you today?