This is commonly known as your honeymoon period of pregnancy because it’s generally the time when the bad symptoms subside and you feel fantastic! You’ve probably heard about how a pregnant woman starts to “glow” during pregnancy. This is when it happens.

The baby fluttering begins. This is when you suddenly feel the baby move. It feels like a butterfly is captured in a jar and its wings and softly fluttering around inside.

At first, you might wonder if your body had a simple spasm, but then you’ll get used to it and realize that it’s the baby moving around in you. Don’t be alarmed when you don’t feel it – it simply means the baby is being still.

As you approach the last trimester, you might even experience your baby having a case of the hiccups. You’ll know because it’s a consistent blip as opposed to random movements in your womb.

Constipation might start to be an issue during the second trimester. Some women experience it, and others don’t. Talk to your doctor about a safe remedy for this problem. You don’t want to add hemorrhoids to your list of symptoms.

The areola around your nipples may darken during this time. This is perfectly normal and should be no cause for alarm. Not everyone will experience this, so if your stay the same color, that’s fine, too.

Your breasts will probably grow quite a bit during this time, though. And so will your stomach. This is when people start to realize you’re pregnant, so if you haven’t told anyone yet, now’s the time!

As your body expands, you might start noticing stretch marks appearing on your stomach, and sometimes other areas like your upper thighs. You can use topical lotions with vitamin E or coconut oil with vitamin E to help your body maintain a flawless appearance.

Aside from the baby moving, you might also feel another type of symptom – false contractions known as Braxton Kicks. This doesn’t mean you’re going into labor. They’re not as strong and they’re inconsistent.

And you might begin to feel leg cramps – especially at night when you’re sleeping. This is common and painful, but it does go away. Some women drink milk or extra water to help alleviate this, but if one strikes, just massage it and wait for it to go away.

Sound scary? It doesn’t have to be. We are BSideU for Life! so contact us and we can be there with you, offering guidance and answers to your questions.