When you get into the third trimester, the honeymoon period is over and fatigue sets in all over again. You may not get morning sickness anymore, but because you’re carrying a baby, and your body is changing, you’ll tire more easily.

You might notice a faint or dark line going straight down the middle of your stomach. Don’t be alarmed. This is known as the linea nigra. It goes away after you give birth, so it’s not permanent.

Your belly button may protrude at this time because your stomach is filled to the brim with your lively little baby. This will go back to normal after you give birth, so don’t worry about it at this time.

In addition to the fatigue, you might feel short of breath from time to time. This is partially because you’re tired, but also because the baby is taking up so much space in the last trimester!

This, paired with the fact that your lungs are working overtime to carry plenty of oxygen to your baby through your blood supply, leave you feeling winded easily. Just take your time and understand you might be slower during this period.

Your weight will soar during this time because the baby is growing rapidly. This is normal, but you want to watch the extreme weight gain. Talk to your doctor about maintaining normal growth during the third trimester.

Your back will hurt because of the added strain on your body, but make sure you’re not experiencing a bladder or kidney infection. These are common during pregnancy, and you’ll likely notice a burning sensation when you go to the restroom.

Heartburn is one symptom that most pregnant women complain about during pregnancy – especially the last trimester. Your uterus is pushing our stomach up, causing food to come back up.

This makes sleeping very uncomfortable. One way to fix this is to try sleeping in an upright position during the last trimester, or elevating your head and chest a bit more than you used to.

One symptom that has a fine line of normalcy is vaginal discharge. Some is normal – but if you’re noticing a ton of it, then you need to head to the doctor to make sure it’s not amniotic fluid leaking.

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