We understand that all aspects of college, class, sports events, clubs, and personal time, can be difficult to balance. Considering the responsibilities you have as a college student, finding out you are pregnant can bring a load of emotions. No matter what you are feeling right now, know that you are not alone. Approaching pregnancy in college can have its challenges, but we are here to help guide you towards making an empowered decision for your future.

Confirm Your Pregnancy 

At-home pregnancy tests have a 99% accuracy, however, there can be instances where user error can lead to a false test result. Pregnancy tests are most accurate when taken either after a missed period or ten days after possible conception. We recommend the use of lab-quality pregnancy testing, administered by one of our nurses, to confirm your pregnancy before we move forward with your next steps. 

After pregnancy is confirmed, we will assist you in scheduling an ultrasound to determine individualized details about your pregnancy, such as: 

  1. Your pregnancy’s viability 
  2. Your pregnancy’s location
  3. Your pregnancy’s gestational age

These details will help guide you towards a pregnancy decision as well as allow our sonographer to identify any concerns, such as an ectopic pregnancy, and take appropriate action. 

Find Your Support System

If it is determined that you are pregnant, it’s okay to pause, take a deep breath, and process your emotions before making any decisions. When you are surrounded by people that offer an encouraging and caring posture, it can help lift some of the burden and adverse feelings as you weigh your pregnancy options. If you have friends and family that you trust, reach out to them and explain what you are going through.

Many of the women feel that they do not have friends or family that are willing to support them during this time. If you feel this way, please know our caring team members at BSideU for Life are willing to walk alongside you during this time. We believe in you.

Will I Still Be Able to Finish My Degree?

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy as a college student, you may fear not being able to finish your degree, maintain student involvement, or retain scholarships. The great news is Title IX requires that students are allowed to take time off from school for pregnancy-related absences for as long as medically necessary. All you have to do is provide a doctor’s note clearly stating your pregnancy. This allows you to make up any missed work, exams, papers, etc. 

You also have the choice to claim an incomplete in your classes and make it up when you are able. We want to share an inspiring story about a young woman who was determined to continue her degree throughout her pregnancy. 

Learn more about your rights as a pregnant college student and explore other beneficial resources here.

Receive Free Resources

At BsideU For Life, we offer no-cost and confidential pregnancy help, testing, and other related sexual health services. Our team of caring individuals will inform you of all of your pregnancy options: adoption, abortion, and parenting. We are dedicated to providing you with companionate and individualized care. 

The goal of our team is to listen, answer your questions, and equip you with all of the information to empower you in making the right decision for you. 

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