How can three words suddenly turn your world upside down? “I am pregnant!”  An unplanned pregnancy changes everything. You probably do not want to be pregnant while you’re in high school. But trust us, it isn’t impossible, and we’ll show you why.

Have You Verified Your Pregnancy First?

Free Pregnancy Testing

Getting a home pregnancy test is easy. Even dollar stores sometimes carry them. If you haven’t taken a pregnancy test, start with free and confidential testing at BsideU for Life. Our knowledgeable staff will ensure you take the test correctly and at the right time. Even if you have taken a home pregnancy test, getting a second opinion is important.

Possible Limited Ultrasound

Once you’ve had pregnancy testing at BsideU for Life, you may be eligible for a free limited ultrasound. An ultrasound scan is necessary to get as much information about your pregnancy as possible.

An ultrasound tells you the following:

  • How far along you are in your pregnancy. It’s vital to know the exact date if you’re considering abortion.
  • Ultrasound confirms whether your pregnancy is viable or if you have miscarried. A viable pregnancy means it’s growing. According to the Mayo Clinic, up to 20% of pregnancies end in a natural miscarriage. 
  • You learn the location of your pregnancy. Although rare, some pregnancies grow outside of the uterus. This is called ectopic and can be extremely dangerous to your health.

Have You Explored Your Options?

If you’re panicking, you may think you only have one option, abortion. But you actually have more than one. Talk with us about some of the following questions and discover more about all the possible options that come with an unplanned pregnancy.

  • Can I raise a child and continue high school?
  • Who will financially support me?
  • Is the baby’s father still in the picture?
  • Are there any family members who will help me?
  • How do I feel about placing my child for adoption?
  • Will my baby and I be safe?
  • Does abortion make it “all go away”?

There Are Resources Available To Help You

You have three options for your unplanned pregnancy. Abortion may be the first option you’ve considered, but you need to be aware of the potential physical and emotional risks. How far along you are in your pregnancy determines what abortion procedure is available. 

Since Kentucky banned abortion last summer, you must travel to another state. We can discuss abortion procedures, physical and emotional side effects, and abortion methods when you schedule an appointment with us. 

If you want to consider making an adoption plan for your child, we can help with that. There are many adoptive families who are excited about adopting a little one. We can refer you to reputable adoption agencies in our area who can explain the adoption process. Assistance may also be available to help you with housing, medical expenses, food, utilities, maternity clothing, and more.

There is community assistance available to help you parent your child too. The Georgia Chaffee Teenage Parent Program  “is designed to prevent school dropout due to teen pregnancy and parenting.” This program emphasizes the importance of staying in school to benefit you and your child in the future. They provide medical and childcare, family programs, and S.M.A.R.T. grant services. 

BsideU for Life also offers free parenting resources. Talk with us to learn how to receive maternity and infant clothing and baby supplies, and take our prenatal and parenting classes for free.  It is our mission to serve you by walking alongside you in your pregnancy journey and beyond!

We Are Here For You

Discovering you are pregnant while still in high school is hard, but it isn’t the end of the world. There is help available, and we are here for you. 
Schedule an appointment to have your pregnancy verified. We can also discuss your situation and your options. You’re not alone because we are BsideU for Life.